Godstone Ranch Motorsports by Andie Salazar

Godstone Ranch Motorsports by Andie Salazar Submitted by TRIBEZA Staff on Mon, 2012-04-30

Godstone Ranch Motorsports has a new spin on racing cars. Yes, there are the inevitable roaring engines, sponsor-bedecked Ferraris and bustling pit crew, but in a feel-good twist this unique Texas organization does it all for a cause.

An official 501(c)(3) not for profit company, Godstone Ranch is a faith-based operation hailing from Dallas that races solely to raise funding and awareness for the American Heart Association (AHA) Austin and heart disease. With a volunteer staff including celebrity lead driver and Le Mans winner Davy Jones, as well as team ambassador and heart transplant recipient Ally Babineaux, the Godstone Ranch team is an inspiring collection of racing enthusiasts looking to make a difference with their love of the sport.

Through the ever-increasing participation of their appropriately named Heart Car in Grand Am series endurance races, as well as Godstone Ranch’s presence at local off-track events around Austin, it seems likely that the influence of this organization will only continue to grow as the city gets its very own Formula One racing circuit. Since its foundation the team had raced for the Texas Heart Institute at events like the Rolex 24, and now looks forward to continuing to raise awareness through their new affiliation with the AHA. At this past weekend’s AHA Heart Ball of Austin, for instance, Mica McCutchen Mosbacher, pit crew member, sponsor and off-track event coordinator, says that the Heart Car was actually brought into the ballroom at the Hilton. We caught up with Mosbacher to learn more about this unique organization and the big plans that it has for the future.

Mica Mosbacher Mica McCutchen Mosbacher: I have dual roles. I’m a team sponsor, and I also coordinate all their off-track events. My brother started this motor racing company about two years ago, and I kind of got the racing bug. After we were approved as 501(c)(3) status, I really wanted to help identify a charity we could race for consistently. We recently became affiliated with the American Heart Association of Austin. And then I’m also part of the pit crew, as is my sister-in-law Karen, which is a lot of work. You know, a race can be won or lost in the pit with how quickly you get a driver back in the car, how quickly you change tires.

Q: Tell me a little about the background of the organization?

MMM: It started about two years ago, and as I said it’s 501(c)(3) status, which takes a good year. So before that we could raise money for a charity but we couldn’t accept any money directly from a lot of sponsors because we didn’t have our foundation status. So that was crucial for us to move forward. I have to credit my brother John and sister-in-law Karen for founding it and coming up with the unique concept of racing to raise awareness and money for charity. Our father was a physician with Denton Cooley’s heart transplant team in Houston. So my late husband and I had been very involved with the Texas Heart Institute as well, and that’s who the team originally raced for. To our knowledge we’re the only race team that is solely not for profit and is just designed to be of service to others.

Q: Can you tell me a little more about what Godstone does for the American Heart Association?

MMM: When we race for example, a percentage of the sponsor money raised to race goes to the American Heart Association. And then what it does is it brings the wholesome excitement of motor racing to the American Heart Association. Just like the Budweiser Clydesdale horses people begin to identify with the Heart Car, so it’s a great way to launch a special campaign. It becomes a symbol like the pink ribbon for Susan Komen. And we hope as we go forward to participate and bring the car to their Fun Run and to have it racing at Watkins Glen endurance race in June and of course the Formula One expo here. It’s something that we do for service and it’s really just to help spread the word and help others.

Q: Where did your brother get the inspiration to add this charity aspect?

MMM: He wanted to give back. He loved to race and certainly with his job responsibilities it was not something that he could do full time. And he got to know Ally in the process and visited her a lot in the hospital when there was a very slim hope, she was a death’s door, and he was so inspired by her. He had lost his father-in-law to heart disease as well, and we lost our mom to a stroke and heart-related disease and then our father was a physician on the heart transplant team. We considered a number of charities, but we really felt that the American Heart Association does so much good with their preventative campaigns, their healthy campaigns, that there was an opportunity to save lives so it was also a very positive feeling. There are so many good causes out there, but that was one that seemed to make sense for us.

Q: How has Godstone Ranch Motorsports evolved over the years?

MMM: It’s evolved because we started out with a couple of races a year and now we have plans to race an entire season in 2013. It’s grown in recognition especially as we have plans now to do several off-track events in Austin, a couple with the American Heart Association and with Ferrari of Austin. We’ll probably be doing something during Fashion Week. Also, I sponsored a booth at the Formula One expo in June here in Austin so we will be there with our Heart Car, volunteers from the American Heart Association and also Ferrari of Austin. We really do have a lot planned as Austin’s on fire with race season.

Q: Tell me about having celebrity driver Davy Jones as your lead driver for the team?

MMM: Davy had an extraordinary career as a young racing driver. He was in a terrible accident at Walt Disney track and he saw double for two years, it basically ended his career. He’s very spiritual and one day was riding his bike and his vision came back and he could race again. So he’s a comeback kid. We started small and gained a good reputation and credit with the Texas Heart Institute. It’s certainly helped us with our credibility, now he’s the man everyone wants to know because he is so well-respected. He is an American too, so of course he’s brought some allure and celebrity to us.

Q: How does this organization fit well into Austin’s culture?

MMM: Well the Austin culture is beginning to change with the race track coming, so as I said I think this town has race fever. I think its creating a lot of excitement. Formula One will come and go, but there are hopes that Grand Am class will be able to race eventually at the circuit. And then the fact that most of the teams are foreign and this is an American race team, this is a Texas race team.

Images courtesy of Godstone Ranch Motorsports.