McCutchen Gives Up Seat at COTA | Wins Fans' Hearts!

Austin, Texas 09/15/2016 | Godstone Ranch MotorSports principal, John McCutchen II, announced today he will give up his seat in Saturday's Lone Star Le Mans to maximize Godstone's chance to reach its financial goal set for this weekend's Heart Car outing.

"We were blessed with the opportunity to add Aussie Pro-Am driver David Calvert-Jones to our line-up which brings another significant sponsor to our program for this weekend," McCutchen explained. "Having two Pro-Am drivers in the line-up really does not make much sense considering the top level of competition in the Weathertech series," he added.

"I will tell you the decision for me was easy - step out of the car in favor of pro driver Ben Barker, a WEC regular standout, and give the Godstone Ranch TRG-AMR Heart Car a real chance at a podium!" he said. "Of course, no driver wants to be on the box instead of in the cockpit, but my wife Karen and I are committed first to Godstone's life-saving mission. I'll get plenty of chances to compete the 007 Godstone Ranch TRG-AMR Heart Car in the future," McCutchen continued.

Godstone Ranch Motorsports harnesses the allure of professional motorsport to raise awareness for the life-saving technique of Hands-Only CPR. Get on the team now! Contact us and see you company race for a cause on the Godstone Ranch TRG-AMR Heart Car!!

Photo Courtesy of Dr. Steve Bernstein, M.D.