Ambassador of the Heart aka AllyCat | More Upbeat than Ever!

Houston, Texas | Texas Heart Institute: Bionic Bride, Ally Babineaux underwent a second heart transplant this month following the onset of early arterial sclerosis, a condition often found in young female hear transplant patients. Three years post operative from her first transplant, her heart's arteries began to clog and eventually the doctors at Texas Heart Institute began to plan a second transplant. After a 178 day hospital stay, AllyCat was discharged with a new heart, no rejection and on the road back to a full recovery!

So what's so significant about this story other than a pretty young woman getting a second or third chance at living a long life? And why should we care? The answer is simple" heart treatments of all kinds have advanced very significantly in just 50+ years...more than any other serious disease. It is a fact, money and resources directed into heart health have the highest payback in terms of helping folks recover and live healthy lives following severe heart disease.

This simple fact alone drives the entire Godstone Ranch team to relentlessly shout to the rooftops the good news...Heart disease can be prevented, cured and even stopped! Get on board. Make difference. These are the feelings AllyCat inspires in all of us. And for that, we are thankful.