Godstone Salutes Our Supporters | A Big Thank You

We wish to salute the many fine companies who have so graciously given to help Godstone put the Heart Car in the public eye. The concept of harnessing professional automobile racing as a means to promote awareness and raise money for a charity is a tough model to perfect. And of course, we are still searching for the right balance!

Please check out these fine companies on our Sponsors page: http://www.godstoneranch.org/?q=node/91

As a public charity, the push to be competitive, but at the same time ensure maximum coverage for our cause is a challenge. Our teaming arrangement with the American Heart Association promoting Hands-Only CPR awareness, is an example of the way this tension can be balanced. To date, Godstone has taught HOCPR to literally thousands, raised money and put a car capable of consistent Top 10 finishes.

Our supporters make this possible. We are all volunteers at Godstone Ranch (the Park Place team excepted). As such, we are perhaps one of the most efficient use of charity donor money since we do not feed a large organization first, then use whats left for service. Nearly 100% of what we raise goes directly to putting the Heart on track, out in front of millions of viewers, with one message.

Thank you to everyone: volunteers, sponsors, in-kind donors, Pit Party ticket buyers, Godstone Gear customers, and direct donors. See you at the track! John, Karen, AllyCat, Mica, Davy, Bill S. and Bryan.