Karen Garrett | First Ever Race Report

This is my first race report.

“Normal” for me used to be spending many hours alone in my studio sculpting for galleries/museums or teaching art as a college professor or at church.

A year before our youngest went to college I began to secretly pray for my husband, John McCutchen II, “God he’s been such a great dad. Please give him a second wind - the desire of his heart…so he’ll have incentive not to become a couch potato!” If you’re grinning I’m affirming that,..Yes this IS my official race report. Here we are 4 quick, developmental, progressive years later.

Today “we” are Godstone Ranch Motorsports, racing for the American Heart Association launch of “Hands-Only CPR” hoping this RACING AWARENESS will save 400,000 lives per year. Just this weekend one million eyeballs watched on TV seeing the “heart and torch” hearing the message. 1,000 track walkers & pit visitors learned Hands-Only CPR on a rubber figure. 100 “Godstones” graced the second ever Pit Party located just above Godstone’s “Hot Pit” allowing them to see everything while enjoying the menu + beverages for 2 days.

The mission of Godstone Ranch is for you to use your God-given gifts for His glory. That means you can be a teammate. I know….weird to think huh? Are you thinking like I did? Grow up. Get real. Settle down. Love God. Join a race team !!! And when it comes time to sign Hero Cards all of us go even though “normal” is only the Drivers. What I’m writing here is this, “Please offer your gifts to Godstone Ranch. We’re His team...and it’s a blast!”

The impressions that stick with me most over the 4 days have nothing to do with the metal BUT everything to do with the people.

Here’s two:

GRM Ambassador of the Heart, Ally Babineaux (our Ally Cat), called, “I’m at Parking Lot A. Where are my tickets to park?” She was a football throw away from tickets in Will Call but they wouldn’t let her pass to get them. The golf cart key was missing so I easily ran a mile from where I was (“the no couch potato exercise program in action”) to give her the tickets. Now I’m very appreciative of those nighttime TV watching leg-lifts.

A day later with every single possible thing happening and [frazzeling] my “ness” …..(secretly, I went far away)……I came back and Ally Cat noticed. In the whirlwind she looked deep into my eyes, “Wow. Suddenly you look so calm.” I answered, “Thanks for knowing me so well. I just went 10 steps (far away) into the second transporter by myself to pray.” She was still starring into my eyes. In the noise she mouthed, “That’s what I need too.”

Together moments- Laaaaaa!! Private moments with God– Heaven!

That’s almost all that fits on my first official Race Report! Best of all!

God loves you!

Karen Garrett
Founder, Godstone Ranch
Driver Changer