What is Godstone' relationship with the American Heart Association?

Godstone Ranch Motorsports has signed a third-party supporter agreement with the AHA. As such, Godstone Ranch Motorsports proudly supports the American Heart Association's Hands-Only CPR campaign. Godstone, a 501(c)(3) registeerd non-profit itself, is not affiliated with the AHA in any other way.

Is Godstone Ranch Motorsports a true non-profit entity?

Yes! Godstone Ranch Motorsports is the only registered 501(c)(3)not-for-profit professional racing team in the U.S. Our EIN is 27-1088962.

Does Godstone Ranch run the pit crew and work on the car?

In a word..no. We have agreement in place for a third-party race team, Risi Competizione, to both provide the Heart Car and handle all aspects of car preparation and race weekend management both on and off track.

Where does the money raised by Godstone Ranch Motorsports go?

Godstone Ranch Motorsports proudly supports the American Heart Association's Hands-Only CPR program. Since the Heart Car is an integral part of the Hands-Only CPR awareness program, it is fair to say all of the donations we receive benefit the AHA directly. Any excess net proceeds go to the American Heart Association to be used at their discretion support this important campaign.

How does your program work exactly?

Godstone Ranch Motorsports raises money through car underwriters and generous sponsors. A percentage of every dollar raised is carved off the top and donated to the AHA. After the cost to run the car is covered, all remaining funds are also donated to the AHA.

Does Godstone Ranch run in any other racing series?

We are concentrating on running a full season in the Rolex Grand-Am series for now. It is in our plan to tackle Le Mans someday :), but first things first!

What is the history of Godstone Ranch Motorsports?

Founded in 2009 by John McCutchen II and Karen Garrett as a vehicle for people to use their God-given gifts to support a charitable cause and see motorsports contribute more to everyday society. See "About Godstone Ranch"